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1. 第五步 帅到没朋友
2. In contrast, the nation witnessed a tumbling trend for minivans, whose volume totaled 71,300 units, a 31 percent drop year-on-year.
3. 但有些人可能就记住了胡子。
4. 与此同时,中国首富王健林等人士对中国国有企业在欧洲投资的事情表示担忧,声称它们缺乏国际管理标准。
5. 10.超敏感电子皮肤
6. Christmas arrived on schedule for the U.S. auto industry as a spurt of sales put the wrapping on a surprisingly successful year. Analysts predicted that sales in December could hit a seasonally-adjusted rate of 17 million, which would be the first month at that rate in nearly six years. That would push 2013 sales up to a robust 15.7 million units.


1. Chen Yu, vice-president of the China Association for Employment Promotion, said a startup may be meaningful, but one should not expect too much from it.
2. Best Companies rank: 66
3. Law
4. 例如,美国和亚洲向投资者推介产品的方式存在明显区别。在亚洲,很大比例的基金(一些人估计为90%)是以佣金为基础。这对ETF不利,因为它们在股票交易所公开交易,在结构上不便向可能推荐它们的银行、券商或理财顾问支付佣金,这与该地区的共同基金行业不同。
5. Spending on medicines in "pharmergingmarkets" will rise more than 50 percent over the next five years, ThePharma Letter said, citing IMS.
6. For the dynasties that flourished in China around 1,700 years ago "the conquest and effective governance of Kucha would enable them to control all the oasis city-states in the Western Frontiers," the researchers said.


1. 大宗农产品投机交易一直是今年市场波动的一个特点,荷兰合作银行预测,这种趋势将继续。
2. 单词scroll 联想记忆:
3. The ministry expects consumption to remain a strong force driving economic growth this year.
4. tempor时间+ary表形容词,“…的”→短暂的
5. 此外,他还刷新了他职业新高的助攻数、2分球命中率(63%),还有同样为职业生涯最高的78.5%的罚球命中率。而且,他这赛季的篮板数比职业生涯平均篮板数也多了0.4个。总而言之,詹姆斯本赛季在除得分以外,各项数据都是堪称亮眼。
6. In its decision to not boost its monetary stimulus efforts, the Bank of Japan noted industrial production was one area where the economy was just puttering along. Certainly, there were other parts of the economy, such as the labour market, that were doing much better.


1. 在2013年的这次调查中,东京重新获得“全球最贵城市”的头衔。瑞士苏黎士由于汇率波动在去年名列榜首,但今年由于政府采取了控制汇率措施,在榜单上下滑至第七。日本大阪成为全球第二贵的城市。
2. Tinashe featuring Devonté Hynes “Bet” (RCA)
3. So ladies, we have been warned. What would your response be?
4. There are merely citizens whose choices not only may, but surely will, change.
5. devastating
6. adj. 令人振奋的,激励人的,鼓舞人心的


1. Set in 1950's London, Reynolds Woodcock is a renowned dressmaker whose fastidious life is disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman, Alma, who becomes his muse and lover.
2. “Welcome to Me” (Shira Piven)
3. 祝贺佳节。

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