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1. 根据独立健康慈善金基金的分析,到2021年,医疗预算将持续缩减大概8亿欧元(超过10亿美金),尤其是在性健康和性传染病方面的缩减。
2. The secretive billionaire who launched a hostile takeover bid for China’s largest property developer has emerged as one of the country’s richest people, illustrating how leveraged financial investments are propelling huge increases in private wealth.
3. This year's best midseason trade action happened early:
4. 拉动你的行李箱,带上你的耐心。假日航空旅行季节即将到来,如果你想有趟轻松愉快的旅程,那么对美国人最好的建议就是选择飞往西部。
5. 最佳电影奖和最佳导演奖。让人意外的是,诺兰从未获得过奥斯卡奖最佳导演提名。
6. 《帕丁顿熊2》


1. We have confidence that we will continue to open this country at a higher level, and maintain this country as a popular destination for investment. We welcome other partners to work with us to share in the development opportunities of China.
2. It was addressed to Clark C Moore, who has since changed his name to Muhammad Siddeeq, making it hard to trace him.
3. As for liberalization of global trade, we believe all countries need to work together to push it forward. This globe belongs to us all and we all need to do our bit.
4. China's best performances by subject this year come from Tsinghua University, with three top-10 places, and Peking University, with two top-10 places. Tsinghua University finishes eighth in both Architecture/Built Environment and in Engineering (Civil and Structural). Tsinghua comes in 10th place in the world's Materials Science subject rankings.
5. The GDP of Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality grew by 10.7 percent in 2016, hitting 1.76 trillion yuan. Southwest China's Guizhou province and Tibet autonomous region posted 10.5 percent and 10 percent growth respectively.
6. The other issue with tanking is Philly, Phoenix, and Brooklyn are all bad teams. It's going to be hard to outflank those outfits.


1. 单词impresario 联想记忆:
2. Will the BoJ tighten monetary policy
3. inspection
4. We have confidence that we will continue to open this country at a higher level, and maintain this country as a popular destination for investment. We welcome other partners to work with us to share in the development opportunities of China.
5. 5、《X战警:天启》
6. e出,leg腿:露出大白腿………高雅的;但是靠这个优雅也是比较悲哀的一件事


1. GDP growth of around 6.5 percent, or higher if possible in practice.
2. 其他地方已经出现了这种情况。
3. 继续推进财税体制改革。
4. 在面试期间看手机,嚼口香糖。
5. 4. 欧佩克的下一步行动。说到去年的油价暴跌,石油输出国组织(OPEC)起了很大作用(或者说要承担很大责任)。虽然许多评论人士都说欧佩克保持原油产量不变无关紧要,然而,仅油价在该组织11月份会议过后出现暴跌这一事实便充分证明了该组织对油价走势的影响力。目前,欧佩克——更确切地说是沙特——仍在坚持己见,毫无下调生产配额的迹象。2015年这一情况是否会得以延续,仍有待观察。
6. The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee and Yemeni women's rights advocate Tawakkul Karman.


1. A型与B型人格理论指出,A型人格的人外向、野心勃勃、严谨、地位意识强、敏感、不耐烦、焦虑、积极主动和注重时间管理。
2. With China now not only “fully integrated”, but perhaps starting to retreat from this position as it brings more of its supply chain onshore, unless Africa can succeed in following China’s path, he adds: “I think we are going back now to a situation where we don’t think there is any particular reason for trade to grow faster than GDP.”
3. 时间管理类

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