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1. 智能手机和电脑代表了20世纪科技发展的驱动力,任何人只要看到它们,就会打消对上述这句话的疑虑。
2. The other sex toy apparently belonged to a Chinese imperial family.
3. 巴黎是前十名中唯一的欧元区国家,而且下降了3个名次,报告指出这可能是由于对欧元的信心下降。
4. 销量高峰每日售票量约1500万张,每秒售出近700张车票。
5. 首先,最受消费者喜爱的公司是:
6. TextPride是一门不错的生意,就是规模太小。与此同时,短信应用市场正在爆炸式增长。Facebook公司斥资190亿美元并购了WhatsApp,这款产品的每月活跃用户现已达到7亿人。拥有2.5亿注册用户的应用Tango目前市值15亿美元。Kik拥有2亿注册用户。Snapchat价值100亿美元,拥有一亿用户。Kik赞助的一项新研究表明,美国用户现在花在短信应用上的平均时间要多于社交网络应用。不过唯一的问题是,这些短信应用需要找到赚钱的手段,目前广告主还没找到靠谱的方式插入朋友间的聊天之中。


1. 韩语用户设置的"你的出生地"猜10次就能成功破译的概率是39%。
2. China's manufacturing sector last month expanded at the slowest pace since March.
3. 韩语用户设置的"你的出生地"猜10次就能成功破译的概率是39%。
4. The most exciting part is the offseason
5. Beijing Capital International Airport performed slightly better, with its punctuality rate reaching 60.7%.
6. Mr. Sissako is both an indispensable political filmmaker and one of the great poets of contemporary cinema. His portrait of life under jihadi rule in northern Mali is brutal and shocking, but also gentle, generous and surprisingly funny. Mr. Sissako does not humanize violent extremists so much as demonstrate that they already belong to the species and reflect part of our common, tragic nature. But his movie also insists that the only effective and ethically serious way to oppose fanaticism is with humanism. Which is to say with irony, with decency and, perhaps above all, with art. (Read the review.)


1. 单词regulate 联想记忆:
2. 抓好金融体制改革。
3. 组建或加入一个学习小组
4. China has continued to synchronize enterprises and institutions to raise the basic pension for over 100m retirees in 2017.
5. A shortage of qualified supply chain managers right now, especially in global companies that must coordinate far-flung operations, can be traced to two factors.
6. “我认为随着社会变得更多元化,未来这个情况会在一定程度上得到改善。不过这需要一定的时间。”


1. Are you often irritable?
2. 问:你今年夏天去了美国,感觉怎样?
3. Part of the appeal of online programmes lies in their flexibility, reach and slower pace of delivery than cam-pus-based MBAs. Apart from IE, which imposes an 18-month time limit, participants have on average about five years to complete their degrees.
4. Exports to the EU, Japan and Hong Kong — which serves as a transit point for exports to many other parts of the world — fell by 4.1 per cent, 9.5 per cent and 12.2 per cent respectively.
5. An investigation is continuing into how La La Land was wrongly named Best Picture rather than the triumphant Moonlight.
6. 在丝绸之路上找到了一个1700年历史之久的墓地。丝绸之路是一系列的古代贸易路线,曾经链接着中国和罗马帝国。


1. Imports grew 6.7 per cent year-on-year to $152.2bn after falling 1.4 per cent the previous month, according to China’s General Administration of Customs, defying a median forecast predicting contraction would worsen to 1.9 per cent.
2. [?'s?u?ieit]
3. Whatever one's view, two further points for and against Russia's global standing are undeniable:

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