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1. John Stevenage, chief executive of British Mensa, said he was delighted for Nishi. He said: 'I hope she will make full use of her membership to meet new, like-minded people and challenge herself. Joining Mensa opens the door to an international network of more than 100,000 people and many members make friends for life.
2. bene好,fit做-做事后的好处
3. Format: Five residential periods with online learning in between
4. 今年最佳的季中交易早已发生了:
5. The recession may be over, but the job market recovery is lagging way behind. And experts say the situation may get worse before it gets better.
6. ?The Aston Martin doesn't hurt. Not at all. Neither does dropping tons of cash at exotic casinos -- throwing money around makes men more attractive to women who are interested in flings. And, like Bond, men who gamble with women around are better at it.


1. However, others argued that doctors' hands may be forced by an unfair system. "As a patient, I'm more concerned about whether they can cure my illness rather than how many papers they've published," another netizen said.
2. [?'lju?]
3. Index: 100.0
4. 8.Yes Man
5. 1月,因本田未按要求向美国国家公路交通安全管理局汇报各类车辆上发生的1700多起伤亡事故,美国政府向该公司开具7000万美元的高额罚单。
6. setting


1. Zheng Gang, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy mayor of Danzhou city, Hainan province.
2. 答:AZ里面的角色不是我创作的。在最初版本出来之前,我给故事写了大纲。但伊奈帆这个角色最后呈现出来的,其实和我写的不大一样。我和这个角色之间没什么联系,所以说这个人物算是例外吧。
3. 日前,美国一位母亲为她14岁的、因在视频游戏中作弊而面临指控的儿子,写信进行辩护。
4. Warren Buffett reclaimed the No. 2 spot on the list for the first time since 2014, with a net worth of $75.6 billion, up from $60.8 billion in 2016.
5. [in'tendid]
6. 单词capacity 联想记忆:


1. "It is very reassuring to learn that the government of China has set a target of 7.5 percent GDP growth while trying to keep inflation at a manageable level. It will not only maintain China's prosperity, but also help spur the regional and global economy, which Indonesia can benefit from."
2. 根据独立健康慈善金基金的分析,到2021年,医疗预算将持续缩减大概8亿欧元(超过10亿美金),尤其是在性健康和性传染病方面的缩减。
3. 这是伦敦商学院(London Business School)和哥伦比亚商学院(Columbia Business School)合办的EMBA-Global项目首次跌出前5名。
4. The EMBA ranking rates the best 100 programmes worldwide for working senior executives. The ranking is based on a survey of business schools as well as their students who graduated in 2012. The data measure how successful alumni have been in their career in terms of salary, seniority and achievements since graduating.
5. 12. 《教师》,导演:那达夫·拉皮德。
6. On Tuesday Saarland became the first German region to ban campaigning by foreign politicians. Several German local councils had called off planned Turkish ministers’ campaign meetings on technical grounds, such as fire safety.


1. n. 飞行员,领航员,引航员
2. Its selection of Mr Trump neither accords with the votes cast in the election nor reflects judgment of the candidate’s merits, as desired by Alexander Hamilton.
3. 但是,如果《广告狂人》向我们展示了什么的话(除了修身西服看起来多酷,宽领带真的不是男装的点睛之笔),那么,它最主要展示的是,60年代非常复杂,往往不太愉快,偶尔具有破坏性。

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    The jobs were ranked based on the following attributes, with much of the data coming from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and physical demands.”

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    The ministry expects consumption to remain a strong force driving economic growth this year.

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    A master class in old-school, super-linear action filmmaking, full of nasty, punk-rock, dystopian Australian humor. Also the best recent eco-feminist-socialist allegory that isn’t a novel by Margaret Atwood. (Read the review)