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1. 我原以为胡扯是失败与庸俗的产物——它的存在是因为真相往往太伤人,或者高管们懒得弄明原委。
2. addition
3. Manohla Dargis
4. Age: 53
5. This one didn't come easy, though. Toronto fought back from an 18-point deficit and trailed by one late in the game with the ball. But guard Kyle Lowry was called for an offensive foul, and Curry hit two free throws to help seal the win.
6. So, yeah, if this edition of the World Cup seems a bit more exciting than you're used to, this is a big reason why.


1. 但与其他世界主要国家领导人相比,这薪酬已经是最高了。
2. 金融和房地产是国产品牌的支柱,榜单中有38个金融企业,23个房地产企业,占了榜单品牌的30%。
3. [t?ek]
4. 对“最后的共同祖先”的认识发生了改观
5. crew
6. 6. Charlize Theron - $16.5 million


1. 没有比5个月前林赛·罗韩贴子中的麻木不仁和无动于衷更过分的了。
2. This technology previously existed for arms, but legs are rather more complicated. And since a misread signal can send you jumping off a bridge or in front of a moving car, thought-controlled legs need more stringent programming than equivalent arms. As one of the researchers delicately put it, “If you're using a bionic arm and it misbehaves, the elbow may move slightly. If the prosthetic leg misbehaves . . . that could be quite a safety issue.”
3. 8.表达感激之情
4. She said: 'On a scale of one to 10, I feel I'm at a nine because there's definitely room for improvement. I know I could go further.'
5. [k?'m?:l]
6. More than 70% said self-realization was the biggest motivation to start a business.


1. 对于一种色彩潮流(又或说两种色彩潮流)而言,要包含的和不同话题有关的信息传递太多了,但潘通在声明中称,体现社会潮流并用一种颜色捕捉它们,是公司的工作。和往常一样,这种颜色将会进入我们生活中使用的面料。
2. [?uv?'r?:l]
3. 据中央电视台报道,她的妈妈在1月30日才发现了此事。
4. 安汉德
5. 时间长度:24个月
6. n. 框,结构,骨架


1. Sam Smith, 'The Thrill of It All'
2. Frustrated, he invented something that would allow him take a picture of himself: He called it the "extender stick." Since the iPhone really hadn't been invented yet, a small camera was to be attached to one end of the stick. It also had a small mirror in its front so that users could see how they would look in the photograph. He patented the "extender stick" in 1983. The product was mass produced for sale but it was a commercial failure. The quality of the pictures was low. Besides, previous research showed that the women back then were embarrassed by the idea of taking pictures of themselves. The selfie stick was then reinvented by Wayne Fromm in the year 2000, three years before Hiroshi's patent expired. Fromm called his the "quik pod." He believes he is the inventor of today's selfie sticks and has even sued several other selfie stick producers. When asked about Hiroshi's selfie sticks, he said they were "prior art."
3. 9. “Creed”(Ryan Coogler)

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