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1. n. 意识,知觉,自觉,觉悟
2. The End of the Road
3. Winners: Raptors
4. ['w?:θ'wail]
5. vi. 自制
6. 6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner


1. “How you leave a position can make a lasting impression,” notes OfficeTeam executive director Robert Hosking. That’s for sure. Most (86%) of the HR managers in the survey said that how someone quits a job “affects their future career opportunities.” Word gets around.
2. “Someone spilled a pot of hot coffee on the candidate.”
3. 特斯拉是一款富人车。在均价85,000美元的水平线上,可以说买特斯拉的人没人会在意汽油钱。特斯拉在续航里程上的短板,也说明了它绝对不会是车主家里的唯一一辆车。如果这些人的新鲜劲儿过去了,特斯拉的订单储备就会缩水,也会像其它厂商一样需要为销量打拼。
4. 最佳综艺小品:帕顿?奥斯瓦特(Patton Oswalt),《帕顿?奥斯瓦特:为掌声而鸣》(Patton Oswalt: Talking for Clapping)
5. 下面是开发一个商业平台时需要考虑的主要元素。这些元素可以帮助任何新公司制定明智的策略:
6. “It’s horrible,” he said. “Whenever I see someone with a gun, I take it away and report it to police.”


1. Concerns about China’s economy have recently dragged down global financial markets, affecting prospects for the eurozone and many others. Such worries are one reason why the European Central Bank is expected on Thursday to unleash a new round of economic stimulus.
2. dis分开+tract拉,拖→[思想]被拉开→分心,分散;使混乱
3. 8. Illiteracy
4. 平均工作经验:11年
5. polish
6. This is going to be one very interesting movie that shows the relationship between Captain America and Iron Man, who've always had trouble trusting each other.


1. 支持:该片在威尼斯电影节首映后,获得观众喝彩。
2. The GM turnaround will drag on. Forget a 2010 IPO.
3. Here’s the full list:
4. 科学院说:“今年的诺奖关注的是经济学的一个中心问题:如何尽可能适当地匹配不同市场主体。”
5. adj. 最初的,首要的,最好的,典型的
6. Will the Saudi Aramco public offering debut on an international market


1. 在此背景下,白不仅仅是指肤色。你可以将其定义为“人种-民族多数”的成员,但这样有点拗口。它的真正含义是不会被定义为“他者”的特权。
2. 以下就是关于这些交易——或者那些本应发生的交易——的盘点,我们来看看今年交易截止日的赢家和输家分别是谁。
3. "It sounds like Harvard is intruding too deeply into the private lives of students," said Dershowitz, who has represented a series of high-profile clients, including OJ Simpson.

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    Texas was one of the first states to emerge from the recession and it continues to attract companies on the basis of its low tax burden, predictable regulatory environment and skilled labor force. Texas employment is expected to expand 3% annually through 2017, according to Moody’s. (Arizona’s forecasted rate is a microscopic 0.04% better). Texas has attracted a lot of attention from California companies and Governor Rick Perry has not been shy about contrasting the business climates of the two states. California firms EBay and Electronic Arts have both chosen Texas for large expansions in recent years. Austin has been a hotbed of activity this year with Accenture

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