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1. 7. Get Comfortable
2. Last year, the CPI increase peaked at 2.5 percent in January, and later fluctuated below 2 percent during the rest of the year.
3. Typically, he writes, analysts “see the root cause of emerging markets’ susceptibility to crises in weak institutions that make countries vulnerable to economic and financial instability.”
4. 动词limit的过
5. The values of the citizenry are a democracy’s most important asset.
6. vi. 谈话,讲述


1. 10月,政府宣布准备终结数十年之久的“独生子女政策”。此项政策限制了已婚夫妇的孩子人数。新规定要到明年才会生效。
2. statement
3. 年龄:45岁
4. 据《新京报》报道,今年我国高校毕业生达765万人,创历史新高。此外,中职毕业生达435万人,应届毕业生总人数达1200万。
5. The second half of this year should see a similar number of IPOs, making a total of about 120 cases in 2016 with about 60 billion to 80 billion yuan in financing volume, Lyn predicted.
6. mort=death死+ality性质→死亡(率)


1. Some of them still give high return to their shareholders. China Merchants Bank is generous; its dividend reached 30.16% of its net profits.
2. 今年中国内地共有54所高校进入亚洲大学排行榜前300名。
3. He took out his textbooks and busied himself with his daily homework routine.
4. 懂得处人准没错
5. 中国与世界其他地区的贸易10月同比大幅下滑,原材料进口受到尤其沉重的打击,中国投资放缓削弱了这个全球最大商品贸易国的需求。
6. It can free up bartenders so they can make more drinks when it's busy.


1. Variety Talk Series: “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” (HBO)
2. And regarding Ukraine, the Russian president again denied that there are Russian troops operating inside eastern Ukraine where a pro-Russian separatist movement is fighting Ukrainian government troops. But he said Moscow never denied that "certain people" were there carrying out tasks "in the military sphere." He said Russia plans no sanctions against Ukraine, but will not extend preferential trade to Kyiv.
3. Although the banks' dividend to shareholders is shrinking, it still accounted for half of the combined dividends of all public companies in China. The banks' earnings also made up 52% of the total profits reported by listed companies last year.
4. 2011年,她的妈妈梅丽莎(Melissa)报名参加Lifetime频道的真人秀节目《Dance Moms》。
5. 恭贺新禧,祝身体健康、事业发达。
6. Top programme:Tsinghua/Insead


1. adj. 青春期的,青少年的
2. Kate Hudson spoke to British Elle magazine exclusively for this interview。   凯特·哈德森接受了英国ELLE杂志对她的独家专访。Does actress Kate Hudson know wha
3. [stik]

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    According to the report, some lenders have been using the platform to offer female college students high-interest loans on the condition that the borrowers hand over nude photos of themselves holding their ID cards as collateral.

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    Taken together, these events and strategic initiatives highlight the Chinese aerospace industry’s realization that, in order to become a globally competitive player, it will need depth as much as breadth. After getting their hands on both ends of the value chain—aircraft design and final assembly—the Chinese now understand that what will make or break their industry over the long term is what happens in the middle of the value chain, at the component and subsystem levels. And that is why China’s ambition to compete with Boeing and Airbus, as well as with GE and Rolls-Royce for aircraft engines, is now more credible than ever.

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    In addition to WeChat's core private and group messaging functions, users can also find new contacts by using the application's Drift Bottle function, where a user records a message and sends it out to see in a virtual bottle for a stranger to pick up and respond. Its Look Around function, similar to some mobile dating applications, allows users to browse the profiles of other users who are in close proximity. It also has a function called Moments that allows users to share photo albums publicly with groups of contacts, much like photo-sharing application Instagram.