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1. While the debate was supposed to be solely about foreign policy, domestic concerns were never far from the surface and the candidates took every opportunity to pivot to their stump speech attacks over the economy and tax. The same was true in the spin room afterwards where both campaign teams dispensed quickly with debate comments and moved instead to analysis of the state of the race in swing states.
2. 更好激发非公有制经济活力。
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4. They also arrived 40 minutes late for the official welcome and were running late to an event in Vancouver, too.
5. Comic skit “Big City Small Life”(Wang Ning, Chang Yuan and Ailun)
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1. 祝福您,新年快乐。
2. n. 薄片,切片
3. Average years of work experience: 12 years
4. adolescent
5. Management and leadership skills are just one aspect of EMBAs. “It actually made an entrepreneur of me,” says one graduate. Nearly a third (31 per cent)of graduates have set up their own company, or are about to, since enrolling on their EMBA four or five years ago. FT data show that 91 per cent of the businesses are operating today.
6. 6) My Pleasure: This subtle reminder reinforces a key point. You’re here to help others. You have all the time they need. And you’re happy to do it.


1. Alice Schwarzer
2. "I want to tell you what happened I opened the envelope and it said Emma Stone, La La Land and that is why I took such a long look at Faye and at you. I wasn't trying to be funny. This is Moonlight for best picture," Beatty told the shocked crowd as he explained the blunder.
3. 7.洗牙师
4. 根据研究者提供的数据,如果用户设置了真实答案,美国用户设置的"你最喜欢的食物"只需1次尝试就能成功破译的概率是19.7%;
5. 3. Learn from others.
6. Ellen DeGeneres


1. It's time to make New Year resolutions for traveling! Backpacker bible Lonely Planet has published its annual list of best value destinations in 2017 for people looking for wallet-friendly sightseeing experiences. Take a look.
2. 54岁的马塞达已经表示,他希望贝恩被公认为数字专长的首选提供商。问题是,他会通过何种方式来实现这一目标——收购、挖人,或是对现有员工进行再培训?
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4. Tracey and Viv Williams, a British couple, dressed as the green cartoon ogres from Shrek at their wedding held recently. Tracy, 33, made a lovely Princess Fion
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6. Summly attempts to solve this problem by creating “snapshots” of stories that allow readers to browse more quickly than reading full articles. The app will close down but Mr D’Aloisio’s technology will be integrated into Yahoo’s mobile apps.


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2. 奥巴马取得胜利,也以为着在接下来四年的发展道路:关于国家开支、税收、医疗健康、政府的角色,还有应对中国发展和伊朗核问题等的外交措施。
3. 4. Slacking at school

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    Temperatures in 2015 also shattered the previous record set in 2014 by 0.13C, according to Nasa.