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1. 如果反弹幅度小、时间短,那么显然结构性变化已经开始了。我希望,过多投资于大成本项目的公司以及仍然高度依赖于油气收入的国家对此做好了准备。
2. No matter whether you’re looking for big international events, delicious food, natural wonders or simply relaxation on a beach, these places should be on your checklist.
3. 单词beneficial 联想记忆:
4. Wonder Woman
5. turkey
6. [in'tendid]


1. social
2. 一位来自美国佛罗里达州的少女引起了世人的惊叹,因为她长得酷肖迪士尼动画电影《冰雪奇缘》中的艾丽莎女王。
3. 9、邦德经历风险无数却总能死里逃生。当然,人物本身是虚构的。有意思的是,研究证明,肌肉男更皮实。实际上,肌肉不发达对男性来说,可能很要命。(可能就是发达的肌肉让他得以活命的吧,我怀疑他会死于心脏病或前列腺癌)。
4. “环境越来越受到政策制定者的重视。”世界黄金协会市场情报部门负责人阿利斯泰尔?休伊特(Alistair Hewitt)说,“黄金开采受到更严格的监管。”
5. fare
6. Star risers


1. [m?s]
2. Their positional matchups with both Cleveland and Boston now look much more palatable.
3. 猪肉和蔬菜价格均同比下降了逾8%。
4. Zhu Yongxin, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, full-time vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the China Association for Promoting Democracy and vice-president of the Chinese Society of Education, talking about an NPC deputy representing 670,000 electorates.
5. n. 生存,幸存者
6. With best wishes for a happy New Year!


1. v. 擦亮,磨
2. 体操、蹦床、竞技体操、艺术体操、
3. Maybe not a supernova player, but a good one who could get them right back on solid footing more quickly than these other teams we're discussing. Play out the season, pay off your debt, and move forward without that hanging over your head.
4. At a time when the overall stock market is idling with the parking brake on, Tesla shares are on a tear. Since the beginning of the year, they have risen 80%. Currently at $262, the stock is selling at close to its all-time high and has a market cap of $32 billion.
5. Technology
6. 2. LinkedIn. Brand love: 47% / Rank: 309


1. 'A little bit in shock,' said director Steve McQueen, before shrugging 'Roll, Jordan, roll'-the lyrics to the old gospel song sung in the slavery epic.
2. Germanyjust hung four onPortugal. It was a bit of a shocking result, at least from the perspective that most observers expectedPortugalto put up a bit more fight. But it was another relatively high-scoring game at World Cup 2014? Not surprising at all.
3. 律师本质上是谨慎的,但他们中的大多数人已经认识到,技术是处理他们需要梳理的大量信息的关键。没有技术,披露和合规等一些需要处理很多文件的工作几乎不可能完成。

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    7.Do not ask a policeman the best way to get to the West End or how to use an Oyster card. He wants to help, but he's from the West Midlands.

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