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1. France, along with Belgium, has seen the largest numbers of volunteers leaving to join the Islamic State jihadist group, which has seized large parts of Syriaand Iraq.
2. The three-day China Development Forum 2016 kicked off in Beijing.
3. 当你想到他的时候,你的心跳一会跳得快,一会跳得慢
4. 学员平均年龄:36岁
5. They must understand in their bones that it is illegitimate to make temporary power permanent by rigging elections, suppressing contrary opinions or harassing the opposition.
6. Umbrellas for dogs are having a moment. They’re cute and funny, but also practical.


1. 6. 减少饱和脂肪摄入可以帮助保持记忆力
2. 这是自去年9月以来进口最大单月跌幅,也意味着中国进口已在过去15个月里连续同比收缩。
3. Will Theresa May remain prime minister in 2018
4. 卡尔森一向热衷于歌唱事业和歌剧事业,因而这样的工作对她再合适不过了。
5. Unless Charles Oakley successfully sues owner James Dolan, the highlight of the Knicks' 2016–17 season will be Kristaps Porzingis winning the Skills Challenge at All-Star Weekend.
6. Armistice Day became an official U.S. holiday in 1938, and remained so until 1954, when it was renamed Veterans Day in the aftermath of both World War Two and the Korean War. It is separate from Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday in May and honors servicemen and women killed in war.


1. Welcome as they were, surging sales weren't the biggest news of the year. Detroit celebrated when General Motors (GM, Fortune 500) made Mary Barra the auto industry's first female CEO, then held its breath while Ford (F, Fortune 500) CEO Alan Mulally dithered over a move to Seattle and Microsoft. The old Big Three, complaining about straining available production capacity, made plans to expand and hire. Tesla(TSLA) fired up electric car sales and refused to play by industry's rules, while Google(GOOG, Fortune 500) pioneered a car that drives itself.
2. Age: 33
3. n. 奖章,勋章,纪念章
4. But with the US close to full employment and inflation moving up towards the target, “you can see how tighter policy would be warranted,” he says. “It wouldn’t take a whole lot to shift the equation.”
5. "We have a system here in America where if something is for you and if they find it, it gets to you, that's beautiful," he told US TV station WTAE.
6. 今年1至10月份的民间固定资产投资同比增长2.9%,比1至9月份的增速快了0.4个百分点。


1. 9. Firefighter
2. THE BRIDGE (Hulu, Friday) The second season of this Danish-Swedish crime drama (the source for FX’s recently canceled series of the same name) once again involves the Oresund Bridge connecting the two countries.
3. facile(adj 易做到的;不花力气的;性格温和的)face,le乐:想让脸乐还不容易吗?Fac=face,ilit,ate吃:用脸吃饭还不容易吗?
4. 天蓝、地绿、水清的美丽中国
5. 10月,政府宣布准备终结数十年之久的“独生子女政策”。此项政策限制了已婚夫妇的孩子人数。新规定要到明年才会生效。
6. 根据北京市统计局发布的一份报告显示,2015年北京市社会消费品零售总额突破万亿元,达到了10338亿元,同比增长7.3%。


1. 201110/156061.shtml
2. 德国
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