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1. adj. 传统的
2. 大力推进社会体制改革。
3. The movies were selected from more than 2,000 titles from 100 countries and will be screened in 30 cinemas and colleges around Beijing from April 8 to April 23, Zhang Xiaoguang, deputy head of China Film Archive, said last Thursday.
4. Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly;
5. *Writing for a Variety Series: “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”
6. 纽约前市长迈克尔·R·布隆伯格(Michael R. Bloomberg)正在为抗击气候变化花费自己私人财产的数千万美元,他在一份声明中说,“全球气温稳步上升、如今破纪录地上升的问题,不是一个未来的问题。这是一个迫在眉睫的明显危险,对经济、健康、环境和地缘政治有重大的危害。”


1. Best of luck in the year to come.愿你在未来的一年里,吉星高照。
2. Whether China opens the stock floodgates or not will be a major price-driver in cotton and sugar — and potentially also in corn, soyabean or vegetable oil — markets in 2017, the bank said in its report.
3. Attractions: Food, culture and scary stories
4. Nothing tops the insensitivity and stupendous lack of awareness as Lohan's insensitive post five months ago.
5. Temperatures in 2015 also shattered the previous record set in 2014 by 0.13C, according to Nasa.
6. The other two manufacturers, OPPO and vivo, both achieved growth of over 100 percent, shipping 99.4 million and 77.3 million units respectively in 2016.


1. 担忧是围绕向下流动(downward mobility)和文化变迁,而愤怒是针对移民和冷漠的精英。
2. 据报道显示,一些贷款机构一直在利用借贷宝向女大学生提供高息贷款,条件是贷款人必须提供持有身份证拍摄的裸照作为抵押。
3. succumb
4. Indeed, their ability to do so peacefully is among their strengths.
5. 单词property 联想记忆:
6. ['regju.leit,'regjuleit]


1. Neighborhoods
2. 10.American Hustle
3. 单词channel 联想记忆:
4. 詹妮弗劳伦斯也凭借她在《奋斗的乔伊》中的表演喜获最佳女主角奖项。
5. 但是,这一情况在两年前发生了变化,清华大学首次跻身前20名,2016年排名第18位。去年,北京大学也跻身前20名。
6. [.n?vi'gein]


1. 一定要展现自己过人的智慧,努力地表现出心神不定的样子。把那些社交技巧抛到脑后吧!
2. Job-searching employees often send these subtle signals without expecting their managers to notice, Kay says. But they do。
3. His eloquent defence of equality came after a year of faltering progress on gay marriage in the US and as arguments rage about the lack of diversity among the people running the Silicon Valley companies, including Apple, who shape so much of our culture.

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