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1. 该调查基于160多项指标的统计数据,包括衣食、家政服务、交通和公用设施的花费。
2. 上榜理由:2014年世界杯庆典活动
3. China's box office sales have increased from 1 billion yuan to 40 billion yuan in the past decade as the industry has adopted more market-oriented reform measures.
4. productive
5. n. 卷轴,目录 v. 卷动
6. 乔博部长表示:“今年,无论是在旅游还是在贸易、体育、文化,社会和学术交流方面,中澳两国的关系都将更加紧密,并为进一步合作提供更多机会。”


1. 这一2018年的大学综合排行榜包含了74个国家和地区的1250所大学,为有史以来数量最多的一次。去年的排行榜中只包含了65个国家的1000所大学。
2. 达奇斯说:星巴克在社交方面总是排名前列,2012年也不例外。公司通过社交在2012年赢得了1900万新的粉丝,它针对用户在家和出门的产品也成为用户津津乐道的谈资。
3. 1月份,沃尔玛美国公司总裁兼首席执行官比尔西蒙承诺,这家全球最大零售企业将在今后五年内聘用10万名老兵。此外,作为美国最大的私营雇主,沃尔玛还表示它将邀请光荣退伍不到一年的老兵加盟公司。
4. ['b?t?flai]
5. Aspiring young leaders already place more emphasis on using their influence, rather than trying to exert power through the embedded authority of their position or their assigned title. Many are already gaining leadership experience, not through promotion at established institutions but by running bottom-up movements and voluntary groups, or by shaping their own start-ups.
6. Winners at the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards :


1. Heavy air pollution from Beijing, which saw its worst bout of smog in recent history in January, to Shanghai, where pollution levels went off the charts in December, certainly don't do much to help attract tourists.
2. 时间:2010-03-09 编辑:vicki
3. Opposition is legitimate, opinion free and power curbed.
4. 日前,美国一位母亲为她14岁的、因在视频游戏中作弊而面临指控的儿子,写信进行辩护。
5. China’s commercial banks are the control centre of the financial system and supply almost 70% of the financing that feeds the real economy.
6. There is a natural human tendency to idealize and whitewash days of yore, to cast them in the rosy glow of the mind’s eye.


1. 源于:prosper(v 成功;兴隆)
2. 当然,这些新势力也可能引发反弹,使得指挥-控制的老派领导方式卷土重来。令人郁闷的是,主宰世界舞台的政治人物大多是老派的,而他们面临的领导力挑战——从英国退欧到朝鲜问题——尤为复杂。
3. 200911/88510.shtml
4. 凯特哈德森接受ELLE专访谈感情
5. Plum Alley:
6. However, the economists polled expect slightly higher growth rates and substantially higher inflation over 2016.


1. *最佳综艺导演:瑞安?麦克福(Ryan McFaul),《艾米?舒莫的内心世界》(Inside Amy Schumer)
2. 9.Priyanka Chopra
3. The improvements in education levels mirrored the development of China's education system. Independent research into China's education situation showed that overall education development was better than the world average last year, Yuan Guiren, minister of education, said in March.

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