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1. 《帕丁顿熊2》
2. Contributing columnist Antoine Gelain is the managing director of Paragon European Partners. He is based in London.
3. 3.葡萄牙波尔图
4. 2013年,勇士队曾在中国与洛杉矶湖人队打过季前赛,而森林狼队则是首次来华。
5. A cheery New Year hold lots of happiness for you!
6. 单词determine 联想记忆:


1. 国家统计局最近开始跟踪研究的大城市的房价数据就支持这种可能性。
2. 10. Are YOU Re-Energized?
3. 据报道,香奈儿艺术总监卡尔·拉格菲尔德于巴黎去世,享年85岁,整个时尚界都为他的离世而感到震惊。
4. Wealthy Chinese bought at least seven overseas islands in 2014.
5. 胡润表示,王健林今年已将集团旗下的地产公司从港交所退市,希望该公司能在上海或深圳交易所实现更高的估值。
6. Barney Thompson is legal correspondent


1. Since you will be spending so much time in your office space, you should be comfortable enough to enjoy what you do. A comfy chair will keep you pleased throughout the day. We recommend the Allak Swivel Chair, $59.99, at If you need music to keep your mind stirring, we recommend the Sound System iPod Speaker, $220, at
2. 如果Lloyd Grossman有机会进入奥斯卡得主们的家中,他将会在很多不同的地方看到他们各自的小金人,从高级房产的壁炉台到积尘良久的壁橱深处,都可能看到它的身影。
3. If you don't, you need to trade Boogie Cousins and all those veterans you signed over the past two offseasons.
4. 不过,如果把10月份看做一个整体,则只有深圳房价真正出现了环比下滑。
5. An employee in the public relations department at Tencent Holdings, operator of a live-broadcast app through which a man received online payments of more than 250,000 yuan ($36,400) from a 13-year-old girl for his singing talent, said the girl might have faked her age when registering.
6. adj. 自信的,有信心的,有把握的


1. Swipe them free and they'll soar into the sky.
2. The government also needs to adopt the Internet Plus governance to ensure that government services will be more easily accessible for our people.
3. The latest list showed that University of Hong Kong ranked third and University of Macao seized the sixth place.
4. 3.3 进一步释放国内需求潜力
5. 精准加力补短板。
6. 7.Make Practice Tests


1. 谅解是赢家永远不会拿走一切。
2. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving "workaholics". They push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence. People with Type A personalities experience more job-related stress and less job satisfaction.
3. 动词last的现在分

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    Siemens broke records last year by winning two awards for renaming its healthcare business Healthineers. Not only does it land the Martin Lukes prize for the worst combination of two words, the accompanying video, featuring a singing CEO and writhing spandex-clad employees, wins a gold medal for most embarrassing company song of all time.