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2. Hurricane Harvey
3. It can transport rows of seedlings in minutes. And can reduce planting time by 88 percent.
4. 湿疹的根本原因最终得到确认。科学家查到了一系列蛋白质和分子引起这种令人难以忍受的皮肤问题的途径,并指出丝聚合蛋白并非唯一的祸首,而我们过去却是这样认为的。
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6. 2. Mobile overtakes the web.


1. [nju:'tris]
2. 2016年的欧洲杯足球赛,俄罗斯与英国球迷因其粗鲁及流氓行为一直占据新闻头条。
3. 不过,接受调查的经济学家们预期2016年期间将出现略高的增长率和显著更高的通胀率。
4. The regulations also specifically stipulate the taxi services.
5. Fiat will seek to renegotiate the terms of its investment in Chrysler.
6. RSPCA inspectors found 13 dead cats and an emaciated survivor when they raided the property in Adelaide, South Australia, in September 2015.


1. 最佳豪华汽车品牌:保时捷
2. 排放量去年的增幅比过去十年中2.5%的平均增长率略低,而且排放量增幅之所以下降,很大程度上是由中国经济增长放缓所引起的。中国是世界上最大的温室气体排放国。可能还需要再花一到两年时间,才能弄清楚中国排放量的增长究竟有没有放缓,还是最近数年那种极高的增速仍会持续。
3. A Method to the Madness
4. 然而一般情况下,你只需注意洗衣机是否停止发出噪声就能来判断洗衣服是否结束。另外你也只要抬头一看外面的天气或者看一下天气预报app,就能知道是否会下雨了。因此,这个产品基本上只是一种黑客进入你家的方式。
5. 这位开国之父指出,选举人团既会防范外国势力想在我们议会中获得不当影响力之心,又会确保总统之位永远不会落到并非具备必要素质的杰出者那种人手里。
6. In this Jan. 7, 1997, file photo, Steve Jobs, chief executive of Pixar, speaks at the MacWorld trade show in San Francisco.


1. n. 舞厅
2. A happy New Year to you.
3. 该王储称,当局可通过和解收回多达1000亿美元。
4. Meme-sharing Facebook groups have become a new college tradition, Mic reported last week, with students across the country trading inside jokes and fighting battles with rival universities via screenshot and caption.
5. 曼诺拉·达吉斯
6. adj. 现代风格的,流行的,潇洒的


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2. This frame lets you hang your hammock anywhere. You can use it on the water. Snow. On the road.
3. 早先一个由活动分子和美国人权基金在一月份投放100000份电影的计划被推迟到了上个月的新年后。

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    When her mother came to the school to collect Guo's remains, other students gave the grieving woman tt r names and phone numbers, asking for her help in contacting their own parents to get them out of the bo t camp. One of the practices of the facility, which aimed to "reform" behavior through fear-based trainin g and harsh discipline, was to limit students' contact with the outside world.

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    World's Most International Universities Ranking 2016 by The Times Higher Education included 200 universities from 28 countries. It employed indicators such as the proportion of international staff, the number of international students and research papers published with at least one co-author from another country of each institution.