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1. infection
2. shorten
3. 成功突破玻璃天花板
4. 长期以来,中国增长数据的人为平稳广为人知,但以购买力平价汇率计算,如今中国毫无疑问是世界第一大经济体,因此这些统计数据传达的信息带来了更广泛的影响。
5. 据《外交政策》网站报道,在通往世界杯奖杯的漫漫征程中,比利时和乌拉圭是夺冠热门球队希望避开的两座冰山。在今年的世界杯赛场上,尽管比利时和乌拉圭都是不起眼的小角色,但它们有能力让比盲目自信的对手喝上一壶。虽然它们是历史上的小国,地缘政治上的出气筒,但很明显,他们在足球场上仍然极具竞争力。
6. 6. Charlize Theron - $16.5 million


1. 目前还不清楚拉格菲尔德离世之后将由谁来照顾邱佩特。
2. 摩根大通公司下滑至第4名,其总综合得分位居中国农业银行之后。去年名列前10强的两家欧企——荷兰皇家壳牌和汇丰控股,今年仅分别排名11名和14名。
3. The show was a potent reminder that the sexual revolution and women entering the work force and the rise of consumerism and the Age of Aquarius (all that) had a dark side, and claimed their own victims. That’s part of why it was such a powerful show.
4. Antarctic
5. In this Jan. 15, 2008, file photo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds up the new MacBook Air after giving the keynote address at the Apple MacWorld Conference in San Francisco
6. 领导层


1. Overall, live and recorded content achieved equal scores overall of 8.8 out of 10, while online interaction and team-work were rated marginally lower.
2. 项目长度:22个月
3. 201001/95381.shtml
4. 第五步 帅到没朋友
5. The next step? Jalava plans to upgrade the finger with an RFID tag and add wireless support. He also wants to add more memory, which seems pointless to us. If he needs more storage, he has nine other fingers he can chop off and replace with flash drives.
6. Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister whose People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) is slightly ahead of the PVV, has seen his poll numbers rise in recent days because of his hardline stance with Ankara. On Tuesday he called Mr Erdogan’s comments “a disgusting distortion of history”, adding: “We will not lower ourselves to this level. It is totally unacceptable.”


1. Co-ops and Condos
2. ['k?:p?rit]
3. The CHIP, which retails for $150, can only bake four full-sized cookies at a time. If you were go the traditional way and bake a large batch in the oven, you'd have anywhere between eight and 12 cookies in under 30 minutes — and it's also cheaper.
4. 但是白人身份认同的斗争不仅仅是个政治问题,它也是一个“深藏的”故事,一个看到别人都在向前,自己却感觉困在原地的故事。
5. 她最近成了她的父亲、前总理纳瓦兹·谢里夫(Nawaz Sharif)的左膀右臂。但腐败指控给她的迅速崛起蒙上了阴影。
6. Productivity is the name of the game for entrepreneurs. The good news is that there are thousands of amazing software applications out there, designed to make your life easier. The bad news is that you don’t have time to try thousands of software applications. Which ones are worth your time?


1. 1. 热爱自己的事业。
2. 积极稳妥去杠杆。
3. 单词regulate 联想记忆:

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    At its Worldwide Developer Conference in June, Mr Cook was mobbed by app makers who asked him to pose for selfies. By October’s iPad launch, he was even cracking jokes at his own expense. Clad in his habitual but unglamorous uniform of black untucked shirt and jeans, he said that Apple Watch had been well received by “people who know a lot about fashion and style — even more than I do”, pointing a knowing finger at the chuckling audience.

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    The performance was his worst so far this season, yet, frankly, it wasn't too dissimilar from those that preceded it. In his 20th NBA season, the 37-year-old Bryant has looked his age.

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